30th June 2017 Cambridge 105 FM presenter Leigh Chambers talked, live to Chloe Giles,
Owner of East of England Online about the Chloe's Arts, Community, Online: Crowdfunding Campaign to GROW during the final hours,
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Tuesday 4th July 2017, presenter Sylvia Fount also talks to Chloe Giles, Owner of East of England Online, on Nickey Radio. “The Community radio for Harpenden and surrounding area’s..Named after Harpenden’s old railway line. “The Nickey Line”. Nickey radio is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, and is currently on line in a digital format, they hope to soon be available on DAB in the near future.
If you missed the interview you can listen again here!

PAST RADIO INTERVIEWS INCLUDEStar Radio 107fm specialist business hub show, featured

Chloe Giles - Owner of East Of England Online.

'The interview focuses on Chloe's experience of owning several businesses over the last 10 years, and how she balanced having a child with continuing to work. And how the idea of 'East of England Online' developed.'