​Battle Stations Activities
By Justin Wilder and Steve Hickenbottom


Justin reports - Battle stations activities is not one of your standard "run of the mill" laser tag and go-Kart play areas like so many others. 

Darren and Lee want to bring you the best and most immersive experience possible.
As an example - imagine you just pop over for an afternoon of laser tag, then, after your issued your firearms and safety gear you travel though a giant vault door to a portal that time warps you back to 1945 in the middle of German occupied France. Your mission is to clear the chateau stronghold with your team, requiring quickness and accuracy!

You have to choose, do you clear each room individually, or start from the cellar? Beware there could be enemies around every corner or an allied bombardment at anytime! Then, just as you finish the chateau levels you walk around the corner only to be abducted by aliens!
After gathering your thoughts you escape from the ships cargo hold and find yourself on a multi story space station with roving aliens and fellow players, all trying to get a kill. As you ascend and descend the different levels you can clear each room and claim it, as you do the rooms are announced by the game master and glow the color of the team that holds it. Are you skilled enough to capture the whole ship, or maybe just the flight deck or engine room? After vanquishing the random aliens and your friends on other teams, you exit the ship through a wormhole and end up in the middle of a Vietnam themed battle with mortor DFPs (defensive fight positions) machine guns strewn between steel huts and sand barriers.

Don't worry though, if you get killed, just run to your health pack and respawn to get back at it! The entire complex is able to cater to groups and families you can choose to take part in a one hour battle or an all day experience!

Steve reports

We had a great time at Battle Stations
Combat “Laser Tag”.  

The professional staff, and Top Quality Laser tag equipment were the best we have used to date.

The battle fields they have constructed are absolutely top notch. You could be clearing enemy bunkers one game and battling your way through a village the next.
They are building more courses all the time. Some of the future courses include an indoor WWII French Villa and courtyard, and even a muti-level Space station, wow! The team also has the capability to bring this immersive experience to you.

They can deploy inflatable walls, and create an instant battleground in a place of your choosing. Large party sizes are no problem, they have a large selection of equipment.

After your mission is complete, you can eat a meal In the Café where i’m sure you will recognize some items from your favorite Sci-Fi films and Games!
Battle-Stations have the capability to cater to large parties with a spacious seating area complete with bespoke tables made from dis-used military rocket containers “very cool”. 

The location couldn’t be more perfect with quick access to the A11.  Ample parking is available so bringing a large group of your best Mates will not be a problem.

EOE highly recommended Battle Stations Activities  

Located at Snetterton Park
Contact: 01953 887174

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